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Maths Riddles Questions SLJ

This is my Math’s Riddle slide it’s a task from SJL
I struggled with this since I was positive that the solution on slide 6 was 87, but my friend helped me out by explaining the puzzle to me, and I managed to solve it by getting the answer L8. Although I still don’t understand it, I hope my explanation on slide 6 was clear. ( Additionally, I’d like to note that I typically publish on Fridays, but I’m only posting today since I’ve been doing the work but haven’t had time to post everything. )

Rainbow Diagram

This is my Rainbow Diagram it’s one of the Summer Learning Journey tasks.
To be very honest, when I originally saw this task, I was shocked and thought it would be easy, but after reading the article, I realized how little I actually knew about rainbows, such as the fact that they are actually circles. I’m glad I learnt something new, and I really enjoy this Rainbow diagram assignment. Would totally do something like this again!

12 Days of Christmas SLJ Task

This is one of my Summer Learning Journey Tasks.
Since I had no idea what I was doing, I was honestly a little baffled by each sentence, however I believe I may have gotten most of them right. But all that matters is that I tried my best. Also, I know I could have recorded a video and sang this, but I’m sorry to say I just didn’t feel like it.

Dear Moon SLJ Shape Poem Task

This is one of the Summer Learning Journey Tasks.
This is my shape poem, and before I wrote it, I read some poems online and did some research on some writing principles. They were so wonderful they actually inspired me to create a poem about the moon to relate to people’s feelings and the way their lives are. Some people don’t like to interact with others, while others are terrified of what others will think if they reveal their genuine sleeves.

One-Line Drawing/Free-hand

One of the tasks for the summer learning journey is this. As you can see, I tried my best to capture my beloved bird’s pose after being greatly inspired by her as she watched me draw her. However, I must admit that while art may be one of my favorite things to do, I am not particularly good at it. The art piece did not disappoint me. in fact, I am impressed by it. I prefer to draw and leave things as they are, but I coloured it because the task required it. But I love how it turned out.

Digital Line Art

I made this digital line art drawing. Which is one of the Summer Learning Journey tasks. Since my mother loves dahlias so much, I decided to draw an orchid dahlia because it reminded me of her. However, I also wanted to draw a Sakura flower, so I combined the two and decided to make an orchid dahlia that is pink to make it look like a Sakura. As I was doing this, the line art was so annoying that I almost gave up, but I persisted, and finished the drawing it turned out pretty well! I adore it a lot. I would totally do this again.

My Summer Tiki Tour

This is one of the summer learning journey blog tasks.
Making my own Summer Tiki Tour was fun, and it got me thinking about the locations I would go on a tour or during the summer. I became a little frustrated as I was doing this because I had no idea what the names of these places were, so I had to utilize google to locate some of the locations I had included to the slides. Overall, this was a total awesome experience.

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