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Rosehill Orientation Reflection

Rosehill Orientation Reflection

Katherine and I recently went to Rosehill College for our orientation on Monday, December 4th. Small groups were formed out of us and the students who would be attending Rosehill College the following year. The year 10 students showed us around the facilities and classrooms. Katherine and I thought it was quite cool that there were maps all over the buildings, making it easy to navigate the institution.

During a brief conversation with one of the students, they asked us a question that made us second-guess our decision to attend Rosehill: “Will you guys miss your friends?” When it came to answering this question, we were both a little reluctant. Naturally, we would establish new acquaintances, but it would be really difficult for us to do so, especially given our existing friendships from our primary school. 

We watched a video during the college tour that depicted how new students would feel. It described how some students were scared of moving up into college, while others missed their friends. In the end, the video showed us that it’s okay to be scared of new changes and that everything will be fine as we get used to them. We had to sit down in a classroom, and the teacher asked us questions and showed us what our high school experience would be like. We were given a tour of the cafeteria thirty minutes later. 

where we took a quick break for snacks. They offered a wide variety of intriguing dishes, including dumplings. which were not only reasonably priced but also rather fascinating. Exams were the most terrifying aspect of orientation that we later covered. Katherine and I worried about the examinations all day, but we were surprised to find that they weren’t that bad. A large room with arranged workstations and chairs was shown to us. 

Like us, a large number of students had already begun, and the room was full of people. I took the reading exam first, and while I thought it was fairly interesting, I didn’t think the whole setup was very conducive to learning. It was very noisy, and I had trouble focusing. We had five minutes to answer each question, and I found it difficult to read the text and go through the answers. I sat down next to Katherine, and the minute I sat at the desk, the exam began. 

After completing the reading exam, I went on to the math exam, which was really challenging. They gave us paper and no pens, which made it even harder, and the students who had finished their exams were so noisy that I was unable to concentrate at all. The math exam covered fractions, degrees, ratios, percents, algebra, and percentages. I had a fairly positive overall orientation experience.


Every Home Requires a Dog (Persuasive Writing)

Every Home Requires a Dog
Most people feel that Dogs are not Necessary why? Dogs sacrifice their lives for us. They bring us Joy & Happiness. Do you feel that dogs have a purpose in every home?
According to my research, Every home requires a dog for safety reasons. For instance, if a robber tried to break into your home, the dog would be alerted and start barking to let you know. Therefor Dogs provide a sense of security and can help protect our homes.


Dogs are great for our physical and mental well-being, encouraging us to get outside, exercise, and reduce stress.  So, every homae should definitely consider getting a Dog!

Having a dog in every home Dogs bring so much joy, love, and companionship to our lives. They’re always there to greet us with excitement, making us feel loved and appreciated.


Cost of Money
It’s true that dogs can be a financial commitment, but trust me, they’re totally worth it! From food and grooming to veterinary care and supplies, there are expenses involved. However, the love, happiness, and companionship that dogs bring into our lives are priceless. They become part of our family. So, while there may be costs involved, the unconditional love and joy that dogs provide make it all worthwhile!

Many people might dispute that every home needs a dog, but many people, including myself, believe that most homes need dogs or other animals in particular. Why? You might be curious because many pets fill our little, empty homes with enjoyment and safety.


Priththika                                    Term 4 2023


Trash To Fashion

This is our Trash to Fashion  Slide Show. This slide show explains the construction of our dress, our inspiration for it, and the types of materials we used. We were figuring out how to create our dress, and while we initially believed it would be simple, we failed to consider how the model would wear it. After a few days, however, we got it figured out. Our outfit began falling apart on the runway during the fashion show, but Tiara, my model, did her best to continue posing even though the dress was gradually falling apart.