Maths Riddles Questions SLJ

This is my Math’s Riddle slide it’s a task from SJL
I struggled with this since I was positive that the solution on slide 6 was 87, but my friend helped me out by explaining the puzzle to me, and I managed to solve it by getting the answer L8. Although I still don’t understand it, I hope my explanation on slide 6 was clear. ( Additionally, I’d like to note that I typically publish on Fridays, but I’m only posting today since I’ve been doing the work but haven’t had time to post everything. )

One thought on “Maths Riddles Questions SLJ

  1. Hi Priththika,

    It looks like you gave these maths riddles a good go, I found some of them quite tricky myself.

    When it comes to questions where you have to identify how many squares or number of shapes there are. I find it helps me to get some coloured pens out and outline them all in different colours. That way, I know which ones I’ve counted and it helps me to spot ones I also may have missed.

    Remember that once you have counted all the small squares, look for squares that may be bigger and contain more than one square in them!

    It seems like you have done a lot on complex maths to get to the answer of L8 on the last question and also thought deeply about the weight of the feathers compared to the bricks. I can’t follow your working out, however I can see you have really thought about it and gave it your best go. Riddles are made to confuse us, but often the answer is actually much more simple than we think!

    If you flip your screen around and read the numbers upside down you might uncover a new more simple pattern!

    I wonder if you can come up with some cool riddles of your own? I would love to hear them!

    Thanks for sharing Priththika,

    Emma – SLJ

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