My Summer Tiki Tour

This is one of the summer learning journey blog tasks.
Making my own Summer Tiki Tour was fun, and it got me thinking about the locations I would go on a tour or during the summer. I became a little frustrated as I was doing this because I had no idea what the names of these places were, so I had to utilize google to locate some of the locations I had included to the slides. Overall, this was a total awesome experience.

One thought on “My Summer Tiki Tour

  1. Well done Priththika. I love how you’ve shared about all the places in your tiki tour. You cover a range of fun family activities. I understand how you try really hard to keep to a plan of spending at Christmas but can end up not following the rules. How wonderful that you have a place like Green Bay to sit and reflect about the year that’s been. Thanks for sharing all you have Priththika, with such clarity and detail too! Have a wonderful Christmas! I’ll be back to check more.

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