SLJ Poetry Slam

Here is my entry for the Poetry Slam, one of the assignments for the summer learning journey.

One thought on “SLJ Poetry Slam

  1. Hi Priththika,

    It’s Emma here from the Summer Learning Journey.
    I love all of your summery ideas and descriptions. The taste of cherry soda is definitely one of my favourite things about summer as well! I wonder how you could describe the sound of the bottle popping open?
    Although I have never played chess at the beach,I can see how you have used it as a metaphor for what the ups and downs of life are like. What an interesting concept! I particularly love the line in your second poem where you say the birds are chirping and singing to encourage human beings. What a lovely thought. Im sure I will think about it the next time I hear a bird as I walk by. Thank you for sharing your awesome poetry Priththika.

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