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Preserving My Culture & Heritage

17/05/2023 Priththika
Green Highlighted words or phrases are the most Important.

Important  Preserving My Culture and Heritage Images


  • Language is Important because of how we communicate and the distinctive ways that each culture uses language to write and speak, language is incredibly significant in all cultures.

Important Festivals

  • The importance of festivals can be seen throughout history and in significant cultural moments that don’t only occur once, but occur often over many years, aiding in our ability to recall these illuminating and admirable cultural moments.


  • Every culture values education. People feel that education will make them productive members of society and will aid in navigating life.


  • Art has its own meaning and relates to history in ways that we can appreciate, such as when it refers to myths or stories. Because it has such a profound effect on every society, art beautifully explains why it is so crucial.