War’s Are Not Necessary

Wars Are Not Necessary!
Most people feel that Wars are not Necessary why? Wars include fighting, injuries, costs, distraction and much more. Is war dangerous for every country? War creates conflict and problems. War includes sacrifices. Do you feel that war has a purpose?
Waste of Money
According to my research, wars cost around $13.6 trillion. The money goes to weapons instead of necessary things. Instead of losing money through conflict, the government should invest it instead of blowing it on unnecessary armaments. In my opinion, it is a waste of money when tax money is used for war, if it were utilized for a worthwhile cause, it wouldn’t be. Why should tax money be wasted on unnecessary weapons?

Families & soldiers dying
Wars also result in a lot of deaths. Every time, we lose some soldiers. In New Zealand, Between 50 and 56 million people died during the Second World War. About 100 million soldiers from dozens of different countries participated in the second world war in 1940. I am aware that some people believe that preserving and fighting for their loved ones is crucial, should we really fight because another nation wants to take over a nation?


How is War bad for our Environment?
Animals suffer from war. Every time a battle breaks out, the ecosystem is destroyed. Animals sustain harm. You might be wondering how war impacts our environment. Up to 90% of many animals in the area can die as a result of bombing and other forms of conflict-related wildlife destruction. War-related pollution affected the air, soil, and water, rendering certain locations dangerous for habitation.

Why start a fight when we can just talk? We have the ability to use words to promote harmony and dialogue, but when others use force against us, it gives us the right to defend ourselves in other ways without using weapons.

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