Te Reo Maori Comment

This is my attempt at a Te Reo Maori comment; I’m not sure if I did well, but I tried. I commented on Chastity’s site.

One thought on “Te Reo Maori Comment

  1. Kia ora Priththika,
    It’s Mrs Clifford from the Summer Learning Journey Commenting Team.

    Well done for making an attempt at a comment in Māori. I can see that you have a greeting and have tried to be very positive.

    Maybe it would help us if you could also add in English what you were hoping to say to this learner?
    I also wondered if you could add in a link to their blog so that I could look at the work they had created and maybe leave a comment as well?

    You have had a great attempt at this task which is fantastic! I can’t wait to see what you post up next.
    – Mrs Clifford

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